Ancillary Products

In order to provide high quality ancillary products and convenience to our patients, Southwest Austin Foot & Ankle Clinic has a variety of medical grade products available for purchase in the office. These products have been hand-selected by our physicians based on years of successful use.

• Topical antifungal treatment
• Antifungal nail polish
• Wound care products
• Professional grade inserts
• Post surgical Velcro shoes
• Professional grade diabetic skin products
• Professional grade emmolient creams
• Innovative treatments for peripheral neuropathy

On Site Pharmacy

Blue Haven Pharmacy, located in the lobby of the Southwest Medical Village, provides friendly and convenient pharmacy services for our patients. The ability to pick up your prescriptions on the way out of the building saves you time and effort! Additionally, Blue Haven Pharmacy has the capacity to compound customized topical treatments upon prescription by our podiatric physicians.

We look forward to helping you get back on your feet!

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