Summer is almost upon us!

In Austin, that means we will soon be heading to the pool and the beach to cool off from the brutal Texas heat.

What does this mean for your feet?

Flip flops! Sandals! Crocs! Bare feet!

What could go wrong?

Injuries! Fungal toenails!  Sunburns! Athlete’s foot!  Cracked heels! Oh My!

It’s enough to make you want to stuff your feet back inside your fuzzy socks and cozy winter boots!

Summertime will be filled with many memorable moments for children and adults alike. Foot and ankle health is important because it allows us to take part in all of the great summer activities: swimming, boating, hiking, sports, camping, and hanging out in the backyard with friends and family!

Follow us for our summer blog series about healthy summer feet, where you will learn more about keeping your feet healthy and prepared for whatever comes your way this summer! Tips will include:

  • Proper foot gear for summer
  • How to treat and prevent skin problems on your feet
  • Caring for foot or ankle injuries
  • Dealing with your fungal or ingrown toenails so that you’re not embarrassed to show your tootsies in public!

If you find yourself struggling with a foot or ankle injury, or just toenails that make you feel self-conscious at the pool, our friendly docs can help. Give us a call at 512-447-4122 and we can help!