Man-shorts-legs-flipflops-summer-feet-Southwest-Austin-Foot-Ankle-BlogWho doesn’t love the thought of running barefoot in the grass, remembering the carefree days of childhood? Or throwing on cute summer flip-flops and heading to the pool?

Summer brings lots of opportunities for outdoor fun and adventure, so we want to prepare you with some tips on how to keep your feet healthy and pain-free all summer long.

  • Cheap, flimsy flip-flops are only appropriate shoes to get to and from the pool or beach, but they are not appropriate for any significant amount of walking! If you must wear flip-flops, be sure to find ones that have arch support and protective cushioning. Substitute your flip-flops for more substantial sandals such as Birkenstocks that will give your foot more support!
  • Supportive sneakers should be worn for all athletic activity. Unfortunately, Vans and Chuck Taylor-style shoes do not qualify as “supportive,” even if they do look stylin’! Wearing the appropriate kind of shoe for the activity can help prevent foot and ankle fractures from taking place!
  • Nothing can ruin a good summer faster than a foot injury! The most common summer foot problems we see include foreign objects, arch pain, heel pain, skin problems, sunburns, and trauma.
  • While most people remember to put sunblock on their faces, they often do not remember to protect their legs and feet. This skin on your feet is exposed to the sun on a continuous basis in the summer and needs to be protected from UV rays, much like the face and arms.
  • When walking on hot sand or next to the pool, remember to protect your feet from burns and foreign objects by wearing sandals. This will help prevent objects like glass from entering the bottom of the foot and causing pain or an infection!

We wish you a summer full of fun, adventure, and healthy feet! If you do find yourself struggling with pain or an injury this summer, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 512-447-4122 and let our friendly doctors get you back on your feet.