Children’s Feet

Children and adolescents can experience all of the same conditions that adults can experience, including flat feet, bunions, hammertoes, ingrown nails, skin conditions, injuries that cause fractures, sprains & strains, and infections.

With pediatric patients, it is important that conditions be diagnosed as soon as possible in order to make sure that growth is not impeded. Conditions that affect the foot and ankle can be evaluated and treated from the time a child is a few months old. Clubfoot deformities (foot turning inward), flatfoot issues, and other bone and tendon issues can be addressed early on in a child’s life.

Additionally, with sports injuries that affect the foot and ankle, it is important to address the condition immediately to make sure that the growth of the bones will not be affected. Therefore, if a child has a traumatic injury, x-rays will be taken and appropriate treatment will be rendered, which could include splinting, casting, or walking boots. Podiatric surgeons may also need to complete foot and ankle surgery to repair any conditions caused by a traumatic incident.

If there is any concern of a foot and ankle condition in a child, please contact Southwest Austin Foot and Ankle clinic to make an appointment with our doctors.

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