By Dr. Mark Whitesides

The holidays are often a time of sweet foods and treats. If you are living with diabetes, it can be difficult to avoid these things at this time of the year! You are not alone. According to the CDC, there are over 34 million people in the US living with diabetes. And some of most common problems with diabetes involve the feet.

Diabetes can affect the blood flow into legs and feet, called peripheral vascular disease. It can also affect the nerves to the lower extremities, causing numbness. This is called peripheral neuropathy. These disease processes can both lead to ulcers, which are wounds that do not heal normally.

This is why a podiatrist is an essential part of the medical team for anyone diagnosed with diabetes or anyone with a sore on their foot that won’t heal. We have many treatment options to prevent open sores in folks that are at risk for foot ulcers, but who have not developed ulcers. We provide proper education about protecting your feet, prescribe shoes especially fit to protect your feet when appropriate, and remove troublesome calluses that could eventually cause skin breakdown if left untreated.

If you do develop an ulcer, the doctors at Southwest Austin Foot Clinic are experts at treating wounds of the feet and ankles! Our podiatric physicians have years of training and experience.  We use the best materials and techniques available to heal ulcers quickly and effectively.

And, should you need surgery, we have the finest diabetic foot and ankle surgeon team available. Our surgical goal is always to do the correct surgery to treat the surgical issue while addressing every patient’s needs. We focus on limb salvage and maintaining a functional foot.

So, if you’re diabetic, let the staff and physicians at Southwest Austin Foot and Ankle Clinic help you ring in the new year with a resolution for healthy feet. We wish you a Happy New Year and healthy feet for many years to come!