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Pandemic Foot Issues

By: Dr. Mark Whitesides This past year has been challenging for oh-so-many reasons. As foot and ankle specialists, we have seen an increased number of lower extremity issues that are related to behavior changes during the pandemic. These include more time being barefoot at home, changing exercise patterns to cope with the pandemic, and common household conditions that can cause trauma to your feet. There are plenty of challenges in the world right now, and we are here to help make sure that foot pain and injuries are not one of your challenges! The most common complaint that has increased during the pandemic is heel pain. There are several factors that can lead to heel pain. One reason many people ...

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Heel Pain

Heel pain is one of the most common ailments that podiatrists treat in the office. And if you’ve ever gotten out of bed and experienced excruciating pain with your first steps of the day, you know how miserable it can be! Bring up the question of “heel pain” in any online neighborhood forum and you’ll likely receive dozens of recommendations. Treatment options can include stretching, icing, medication, injections, shoe inserts, custom orthotics, and braces, just to name a few! And to further complicate the matter, what works for one person definitely may not work for another. As you’re sorting out your options, we’re here to help. Here is the action plan we recommend for dealing with heel pain: Visit your ...

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Healthy Summer Feet

Summer is almost upon us! In Austin, that means we will soon be heading to the pool and the beach to cool off from the brutal Texas heat. What does this mean for your feet? Flip flops! Sandals! Crocs! Bare feet! What could go wrong? Injuries! Fungal toenails!  Sunburns! Athlete’s foot!  Cracked heels! Oh My! It’s enough to make you want to stuff your feet back inside your fuzzy socks and cozy winter boots! Summertime will be filled with many memorable moments for children and adults alike. Foot and ankle health is important because it allows us to take part in all of the great summer activities: swimming, boating, hiking, sports, camping, and hanging out in the backyard with friends and family! Follow ...

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